The Objective

The Consultancy & Maintenance Contract aims at taking the responsibility of managing the entire IT setup at your office comprising Workstations, Server Networking, Operating system, Software Applications, Printers and other Peripherals. The purpose is to relive you and your staff from the ordeal of day-to-day maintenance and up keeping of your system so that you can concentrate more on running your core business.


Our list of vendors include major Industry Giants like IBM, COMPAQ, HP, MICROSOFT, CISCO, AUTODESK, Intel, Quest Software, Network Associates, Symantec and also small to mid-sized companies like TALLY Solutions, and Stellar Information SYTEMS, etc.

Salient Features

  • Logical, sensible and cost effective support solution: We work towards your overall cost reduction by plugging the loopholes of your existing IT Setup and maximize the output from your technology investment
  • Customized solution, tailor-made for your organization: Our solutions are Scalable and can be optimized in accordance with the size of your organization
  • Unlimited Service and Support Calls
  • Periodical routine visits (monthly/ fortnightly/ weekly, depending on your requirements) to check if your systems are working fine and to ensure a smooth running of your day-to-day business.
  • Single point of contact for troubleshooting: No more classic situation where each of the vendors of different components of your IT set up will pass the buck on the other for problem solving
  • Sound Backend: Rich collective experience and technical skill-set of entire MCTS backbone and resources on stand by to serve the client
    Convenience: Any maintenance job will be executed according to the convenience of the user at a pre-assigned hour without disturbing his/ her routine works.
  • Shorter Response Time: At MCTS, your call will be attended as per the priority, always.
  • Routine Check-Up: Regardless of your service call our engineer will perform routine check up of your system in a quartile basis. This will help us anticipate any problem with your system and dealt with it instantly.

In this context, we would like to emphasize that, this is not merely a Maintenance Contract but a comprehensive Consultancy Deal, in the sense that, it attempts to address your systems issues from a broader perspective with

  • Extensive platform support
  • Periodical updates to keep the client abreast with the latest solutions available for your enterprise
  • Helping the management to create, deploy, and update IT policies in terms of systems configuration, data security, access control, data migration and other

In one word, we work like your “virtual employees”. We work for your interest, not your vendor’s. We suggest & implement solutions that are best for you. However, the question is if you already have an in-house network & systems administrator. The following section attempts to draw a comparison between in-house Maintenance and outsourcing AMC. However, it is to be borne in mind that AMC is not necessarily a substitute for In-house maintenance, especially in a large organization, rather they are compliments.

In-house Maintenance vs. AMC

In one word, the difference is like the choice between keeping a doctor in your payroll for treating your employees, vis-a-vis buying health insurance for them.

Major Highlights:

  • Incredibly at low cost & huge saving –monthly a petty amount of expense.
  • Unlimited support call included like an insurance
  • Shorter Response Time & Routine Check-up
  • Dedicated Engineer will be assigned for your Company
  • Free Preventive maintenance
  • Service from a fleet of specialized & experienced IT Engineers
  • Gain the cost of employing an IT Engineer/Administrator in your payroll
  • Gain service bills to another vendors even you have an IT Engineer
  • Reliability and Quality guaranteed from an IT company