A Biometric Attendance System enables an employer to have full control of all employees working hour’s right at an operators fingertips. It is also invaluable for ensuring compliance with labor regulations regarding proof of attendance. Biometric Attendance System is a centralized, web-enabled Biometric Attendance System, which uses the following two biometric modalities: Iris and Fingerprint (for marking the attendance).

Key Features :

  • biomatric-machineThe multi-biometric system ensures 100% coverage, while ensuring protection against errors or user fraud.
  • The biometric  attendance system uses biometric identification (with a provision for verification through employee code) to track the time and attendance of each staff.
  • The system generates printable reports, including  users’ attendance. The reports can be saved as PDF files.
  • The software is designed for installation on a desktop computer or laptop (PC) that is running under Microsoft Windows. The software can also be suitably used in kiosk systems that are based on PC hardware with mounted fingerprint scanner and iris camera.
  • The system is designed to be highly scalable and can accommodate virtually any number of geographically dispersed office locations (if state-of-the-art network infrastructure is in place).

Why Biometric Attendance System ?

Biometric Attendance System which used to measure and analyze personal characteristics, both physiologies and behavioral. It uses finger or face or iris recognition system to verify person’s identity and records it’s time-in and time-out with all required details:

  • Cut down on administrative time.
  • Eliminate human error in employee time office records to save monetarily.
  • Monitor & analyze absence to reduce impact on productivity.
  • Improve organizational efficiency and growth with employee performance.
  • Access time Records via intranet or Internet using web browser.

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